Kunda Tax Consulting (Shanghai) Limited

Kunda Tax Consulting (Shanghai) Limited is a tax advisory firm that specializes in providing transfer pricing and international tax services to Multinational Enterprises operating in China as well as Chinese Outbound Companies operating abroad. We have been doing business on-the-ground in China since 2010, actively supporting our clients in:

Chinese transfer pricing advisory
  • Designing efficient transfer pricing systems and policies to meet their commercial needs and to reduce the group’s transfer pricing risk.
  • Preparing and filling Contemporaneous Transfer Pricing Documentation (including Master File, Local File and Special Issue File) and Annual Related Party Transaction Reporting Forms ( including CbC template ) to meet Chinese requirements.
  • Advising clients of their key transfer pricing exposures and suggesting future measures to minimize the risk effectively.
  • Defending our clients in transfer pricing audits.
  • Offering hands-on training for day-to-day practitioners dealing with the companies’ in-house transfer pricing risk management.
  • Advising on international tax matters such as tax planning, thin capitalization taxation, profit repatriation planning, taxation on permanent establishment, tax treaty and beneficial ownership, customs valuation assistance, VAT advisory and compliance services, equity transfers, etc.

As a leading independent Chinese transfer pricing advisory firm we are familiar with the Chinese culture, business practices and tax scene in China and have built good working relationships with the Chinese tax authorities.

We work across all cities and provinces and have in-depth experience in a wide range of industries, making us ideally placed to assist all multinationals in China to meet their transfer pricing needs.

We have alliance partners in many cities in China and in major countries around the world. Moreover, we have developed a range of Transfer Pricing Risks Assessment and Control Tools/Software, which can assist multinationals in managing their transfer pricing risk more effectively and efficiently.