“Transfer Pricing – A Practical Guide" by CCH (authored by Dr Jian Li of Kunda China)

This bilingual guide of Transfer Pricing-A Practical Guide will provide helpful information and practical guide for the taxpayers to manage its global transfer pricing strategy, design its transfer pricing systems and make risk assessment and contingency evaluation.

Transfer Pricing Practical Guide

"Transfer Pricing in China: Concepts, Controls, Practices, and Audit Assessment" by Palgrave (co-authored by Dr Jian Li of Kunda China)

This book offers up to date insights into the exciting world of China’s extensive economic activity through the pervasive and often secretive practice of transfer pricing. It begins with an explanation of transfer pricing itself and goes on to explore how intricately it can infiltrate the trading practices of the commercial lives of both foreign companies in China and Chinese companies expanding to other countries. A review of the main industries in China also considers their possible future uncertainties.

Transfer Pricing Audits in China” by Palgrave (co-authored by Dr Jian Li of Kunda China

This book focuses on the practice of transfer pricing audits which the Chinese government operates in the case of the vast number of foreign enterprises operating in the Chinese economy. It includes the testimony of Chinese officials about their work, material that given the secrecy of Chinese business and culture, is difficult to come by.

Transfer Pricing Audits in China

 International Transfer Pricing in Asia Pacific: Perspectives on Trade between Australia, New Zealand and China” by Palgrave (co-authored by Dr Jian Li of Kunda China)

This book, based on extensive research, explains the nature of the subject, presents the latest data on the practice of transfer payments in three Asia Pacific countries; the regulations, attitudes and conditions which form the context in which they take place; and the events which are most likely to precipitate the intervention of the authorities and lead to investigation and audit.

Transfer Pricing in Asia Pacific

Transfer pricing - a diagrammatic and case study introduction, with special reference to China” by BrownWalker Press Florida (co-authored by Dr Jian Li of Kunda China)

This book offers an introduction to transfer pricing with particular reference to China, for those who are looking for an overview that can be rapidly comprehended and who value diagrammatic images as a vehicle for learning. The subject is of importance both for Chinese and foreign personnel engaged in foreign company activity in China and for those who are similarly engaged in Chinese-owned companies already operating abroad, or which are to be extended to foreign locations.

Transfer pricing case study